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I had the intention of going to put some of my graphics up here, too. Since I'm way too lazy too crosspost all of my icons, I'm going to post my bigger graphics and fanfiction (if there will be any) here.

I made three different wallpapers out of the promo picture banners coming out for Transformers - The Dark of the Moon. Well, five if you also count the variations.
All wallpapers are more of less featuring Optimus Prime. But he gets the best promo pictures and looks pretty cool. It's begging to make an icon out of it, a banner or wallpaper.
I'm not very good with bigger graphics than 100 x 100. First you see too easily every single blending mistake and second it's often too much space, which needs to be filled.

There are only two rules, which are no hotlinking and don't claim as yours ;)

  • Don't hotlink!!!
  • Don't claim as your own
  • Comments are really loved and appreciated ♥
  • Ressources are listed here (I don't claim it's complete...)

Small Teaser:

*Quote by Ganner Rhysode from "Star Wars - New Jedi Order - Traitor" I couldn't resist...
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